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S-Video for PC Engine DUO R upgrade was ideal

S-Video for PC Engine DUO R upgrade was ideal

I appreciated the work Morgan performed on my PC Engine DUO R. He found the correct way to do the S-Video upgrade which didn’t involve adding a separate unsightly hole but rather combined the composite and S-Video outputs which was ideal. Much thanks for resurrecting the console as well.

PS4 HDMI Port replacement

PS4 HDMI Port replacement

Be gentle with your HDMI ports.  Doesn’t take much to break these things.  Always remember when travelling with your console to remove the cables from the back of the console.

Hurray for positive feedback

Thanks for your kind words guys! “Really excellant service! Both the repairs I’ve given these guys have been completed very quickly (one of them took a day and the other about 30 mins!) Great prices too!” Always appreciated

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